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8 Ways to Use Fresh, Vine-Ripened Strawberries!

Strawberry season is unfortunately so short-lived, which is why when it comes around, I make the most of it by incorporating strawberries into my diet in as many ways as possible!

Below are my top 8 ways to use strawberries while they are fresh and in season:

1. Strawberries with Chocolate Date Dip

If you have yet to try the recipe for my chocolate date dip, check it out my instagram post. Paired with fresh strawberries, this is a healthy, nutrient-packed, no-added-sugar, low-fat way to satisfy not only your sweet tooth, but your chocolate craving!

2. Strawberry Chia Jam

This is one of my favorites for a few reasons:

  1. It's great to be used for jam on a whole grain english muffin, toast or bagel, but can also be used to sweeten overnight oats or yogurt!

  2. You can combine it with rhubarb for a sweet/tart combo.

  3. It can be frozen so you can enjoy it all year round!

3. Strawberry Oat Bars

These are so simple to make, as they only require a handful of ingredients. Plus, they can be made several different ways, depending on preference. My latest version of them requires a special ingredient: chickpeas! (Recipe to be posted soon :) )

Click here for the first version of strawberries oat bars I created back in 2018.

The reason I created a newer version is because I work at a cardiac rehab where we encourage a very low fat plant-based diet for reversal of coronary artery disease. Because of this, nut butters are limited in my patients' diets [and so is added sugar].

Therefore, in my latest version, I replaced the almond butter with chickpeas and the maple syrup with date puree!

4. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Berries and chocolate are one of the most delicious, satisfying combos ever... PERIOD.

My favorite chocolate chips to use are either Enjoy Life, which can be found at pretty much any market, or for a less sweet option, Pascha, which I used to be able to find at the Shaw's in my area.

*I prefer using the double-boiler method to melt my chocolate:

I take a large pot, fill it with a few inches of water, then place a smaller pot inside of the larger pot (the water should not touch the bottom of the smaller pot.)

I then add the chocolate chips into the smaller pot and let the water come to a boil as the chocolate chips melt.

Then, I lower the heat while dipping the berries.

Make sure you place the chocolate-dipped berries on parchment or wax paper and place in the fridge immediately after. These can be stored in the fridge for about 5 days, but don't count on them lasting that long! ;)

5. Strawberry-Filled Salads

There are so many different salad options to incorporate strawberries into, including fruit salad. Strawberry spinach salads seem to be the most popular. This salad recipe is one of my favorite combos ever because it includes fruits and veggies and it's packed with plant protein, antioxidants and flavor!

6. No-Bake Strawberry Pie

This one is perfect for summertime because no oven is required!

Strawberry Pie No Bake
Download PDF • 18KB

7. Strawberry Balsamic Basil Dressing

What better way to encourage you to eat your greens than a tasty salad dressing?!

I love this oil-free balsamic dressing recipe, but I like to throw some fresh basil in there, too!

8. Freeze Them

This is the best way to enjoy the taste and quality of fresh strawberries all year round.

Below are some ways to utilize frozen strawberries:

1. My favorite way to use frozen strawberries (and the main reason I freeze so many) is to make smoothies during off season months. (See photo below).

2. Throw them into your overnight oats! They will thaw and create a delicious, naturally sweet juice that will flavor the oats.

3. Use them to make baked goods like muffins, cookies, waffles, pancakes or strawberry bread.

4. Thaw and puree for a strawberry syrup!

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