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My mission:
To educate clients to use food as fuel to heal, nourish and thrive.
To empower individuals to make sustainable behavioral changes in order to align with and maintain their goals by providing accountability and encouragement.

"Lifestyle medicine is far more impactful on health than any drug."


Ashley Grant, RDN 



Hello there!

My name is Ashley. I am a registered, licensed dietitian with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Dietetics and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

I have a passion for helping people mend their relationships with food. My aim is to guide clients to utilize food as medicine.

I focus on empowering clients to choose the proper fuel to optimize health and to prevent and reverse disease. 


My counseling style is based on an intuitive eating approach. This means ditching the calorie-counting mindset and opening up the mind to trusting the body to obtain the nourishment it needs. After all, the amount of calories consumed does not indicate health!

I believe in a holistic approach to health, meaning I not only take into account what food my clients are eating, but I assess what else they are consuming, including media, energy, news, etc. 


Lifestyle medicine is far more impactful on health than any drug. How you treat your body hugely affects how your body treats you.

I understand that food can be used as medicine, but also that food is not the medicine that treats all illness. When working with a client, the other pillars of lifestyle medicine are always taken into account, including sleep, exercise, connection, stress management and use of substances.

My knowledge and personal experiences have ignited my passion for helping others overcome health-related barriers.

Now it is time to take what I've learned and change lives.


specialty areas:
disordered eating recovery
plant based nutrition
heart healthy eating

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