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My Top 10 Favorite Plant-Based Restaurant Meals in RI

Since I am an Aquidneck Island gal, a good chunk of these are AI based eateries. However, I've included restaurants from all around the state! Luckily, many of these restaurants are doing takeout during this time, so if you're sick of cooking and want to treat yourself to a delicious plant-based meal as part of Meatless May (or anytime), keep reading...

1. Tempeh Curry @ Salvation Café - Newport

Starting with my all time favorite. Salvation always uses seasonal vegetables for this dish, so although the content is different depending on the season, the quality and flavor are consistently 20/10.

2. Smoky Tempeh Burger @ Keenwah (located inside of A Market)- Newport

This one is served on a multigrain bun with sweet potato wedges on the side. It packs a lot of flavor and the tempeh is a great option for those who want a "meaty" texture and/or for those concerned with consuming adequate protein.

3. Truffle Burger @ New Burger in Plant City - Providence

This burger is deliciously savory from the umami flavor of the mushrooms and has a perfect texture from the walnuts. It's my absolute favorite meal at Plant City. However, choosing only one favorite meal is really challenging because there are 4 restaurants within Plant City!

You can never go wrong at Make Out because you are able to choose what you're in the mood for.

As for Double Zero, my favorite options are the pesto pizza, potato pizza and cacio e pepe.

Last but not least, the mushroom quesadilla at Bar Verde is a delight.

4. Philly Cheeze Sandwich @ Sprout & Lentil - Middletown 

Paired with their buffalo cauliflower nuggets, this is a great option for those plant-based, plant-curious or even for carnivores. Not to mention, the owner Carmen is fabulous and talented!

5. East Bowl with Brown Rice @ Root - Newport 

Root also has a selection of fresh juices and smoothies.

Not only are the meals here clean and simple, but Paul & Kate are the sweetest!

6. Pan Roasted Beets @ Garden Grille - Pawtucket

This dish comes with sautéed greens, and for an extra boost of protein, I like to add tempeh. Such a satisfying and nutritionally dense choice. And you really can’t help but stop by Wildflour for sweets afterwards!

7. Aloo Gobhi with Kale Salad @ India - Providence 

The warm, savory dish is so comforting and the salad is refreshing. You also can't go wrong with their naan or baked vegetable samosas for an appetizer.

8. Mango Curry @ Rasoi - Pawtucket

Rasoi has a variety of vegan options, but this is my go-to. I can't wait to try more!

9. Gnocchi @ Plum Pt, Bistro - North Kingstown

I adore this gnocchi--you cannot beat it! Their vegan board is also an excellent treat as an appetizer (also a great way to introduce new plant-based foods!).

10.  Vegan Pad See Eww @ Thailand - Providence

This restaurant is one of my all time FAVORITES because you make ANYTHING on their menu vegan! Plus, you can choose brown rice instead of white rice AND you can alter the spice level to your liking.


Please let me know what your favorites are or if you try any of the ones listed here.

Stay well, stay planted!

*Photo credit: Cassidy Bissitt

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