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My Top 5 Splendid Spoon Meals

Having meal prep burn-out or not sure how to get started with meal prepping?

Here's my story that might help...

If you know me, you know that I am an avid [plant-based] meal prepper and have been for years. HOWEVER, there comes a point when a meal prepper needs a break!

I discovered Splendid Spoon earlier this year and was pleasantly surprised with their variety of plant based meals and smoothies.

So, I looked into the company and realized this would benefit me during weeks I couldn't manage to make the time in my schedule or muster up the energy to meal prep. Plus, it's been an amazing tool to prevent meal prep burn out so I don't get sick of meal prepping. Instead, I get a break from meal prepping on the weeks I order Splendid Spoon meals. (You can opt out whenever you don't want/need it!)

Aside from the variety, I love the fact that each meal is 2 servings. Now, some of you may be thinking, "How is half of the container enough to be considered a serving for a meal?" My answer is: bulk it up!

I always add some extra "bulk" to the meals, whether that is brown rice, brown rice pasta, more veggies, etc. This prevents excessive sodium intake (because the 2-serving container may have up to 900+ mg of sodium).

So with all of that being said, I give you my top 5 favorite Splendid Spoon meals to date. Along with each meal, I provide suggestions on what to add for that "bulk" I mentioned keep reading!

P.s. These are in no particular order because it truly depends on the mood I am in (that's intuitive eating for you ;)

1. Garden Minestrone Soup

As an Italian and a soup-lover, I fell in love with this one instantly! I enjoy it most with brown rice elbow pasta. It's perfect as a lunch or a dinner option. If you have worked with me you know I often recommend a smaller dinner, so you may want to try this one out.

2. Black Bean & Plantain Grain Bowl

Where are my fellow plantain lovers at?! This wholesome bowl has a perfect balance of savory and sweet. I recommend bulking it up with some extra brown rice/black beans and of course some non-starchy veggies. Okra or Greens, like kale, collard greens, spinach and swiss chard are a great choice for that non-starchy veggie!

3. Green Split Pea Soup

Never tried split peas? This split pea soup will give you an amazing first impression. It is most satisfying with brown rice pasta shells. I suggest adding in some extra non-starchy veggies...kale is my favorite add-in for a soup like this. If you like creamy, savory soups, you will likely enjoy this one!

4. Butternut Squash Ratatouille Soup

Ratatouille but make it Fall... This is a hearty soup, especially when you add in a whole grain like brown rice fusilli pasta. It has an ideal balance of chunk and broth...It will likely be added to your 'favorites' list.

5. Creamy Butternut Squash Noodles

Who doesn't love noodles? This noodle bowl is very satiating, especially with additional broccoli and [brown rice] noodles, plus some additional cannellini beans or chickpeas as a gut-healthy resistant starch!


There are so many meals I have yet to try, so if you have tried any Splendid Spoon meals, I'm eager to know your favorites...

For those curious about Splendid Spoon smoothies, stay tuned for a blog post on my favorite smoothie flavors!


If you're ready to take on meal prepping, want to go plant-based or have any other questions regarding optimizing your health, feel free to reach out to me.

Ashley Cotta, RDN, LDN

IG: @food4fueldietitian

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